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How we support our clients from enrollment to retirement 

<b>Looking Back to Look Forward</b>

Looking Back to Look Forward

Over 40 years ago when retirement plans emerged as the primary savings vehicle, many company leaders viewed them as cost centers - another liability on the balance sheet. Yet, now years later, smart leaders are realizing the link between financial preparedness and bottom line profitably.

When a workforce is financially unprepared, it has been proven that financially unhealthy employees experience more stress which increases health insurance premiums, decreases productivity, and increases absenteeism. On average, this costs the company 3 hours per financially distracted employee per month in lost productivity.1

By re-engineering the on-boarding process for easy entry and automatically defaulting employees to save a statistically relevant rate, smart employers are recognizing how bold retirement plan design can place employees on the path towards a fully funded retirement.

PwC. “8th Annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey.” June 2019.

“Bold plan design and holistic financial wellness can help nudge employees toward successful outcomes,” Steve Cunha, Founder of Retirement CFO. 

<b>Embracing&#160;the Future</b>

Embracing the Future

As a decision-maker for your company’s retirement plan, you can immediately help employees by enrolling them into the plan and at a higher savings rate that seeks to put them on the right path towards achieving a comfortable retirement.

How are smart leaders seeking to enhance retirement readiness?

  • Auto-enrollment
  • Auto-escalation
  • Appropriate asset allocation (Qualified Default Investment Alternative)

For business owners and professionals who manage the company’s retirement plan, we deliver a solution that strives to benefit your firm, your culture, and your employees.



of employees admit that they are stressed about their finances.

1 PwC's 9th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey. 2020 Results.

1 out of 3

employees have less than $1,000 saved to deal with emergency expenses.

1 PwC's 9th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey. 2020 Results.

Almost half

of workers say they’d be more productive at work if they weren’t worried about their personal finances.2

22019 financial stress survey. John Hancock. Nov 2019.

How we Help Our Retirement Plan Clients

  • Retirement Plan Committee Training – Empowering committee members with knowledge to better manage the plan. Training the committee about plan features, service commitments, and retirement readiness programs, so they can make more informed decisions.
  • Investment Policy Statement Preparation Assistance and Review – Helping to outline the guiding principles for the ongoing investment review process.
  • Fiduciary Investment Consulting – Recommending a prudent process for selecting and monitoring plan investments. Identifying specific investments, performing ongoing monitoring of investments options, and recommending asset allocation target-date or risk-based model portfolios to help our clients offer a diverse investment lineup. (e.g., 3(21) co-fiduciary investment advisors and 3(38) Investment Management).
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) assistance - Identifying target date funds, life cycle funds, balanced fund or model portfolios for the plan’s default investment option
  • Ongoing Plan Reporting - Preparing reports to review the performance of the plan and presenting the information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Benchmarking Reports – Identifying the fees and other costs associated with the plan and providing benchmarking reports for comparison of plan data (e.g., regarding fees and services and participant enrollment and contributions).
  • Service Provider Monitoring – Communicating with the plan’s service providers include the recordkeepers, product sponsors and supporting vendors. Helping to resolve any service issues while keeping you informed of new service offerings.
  • Enrollment Support - Beginning with enrollment support to provide participants with information about the plan and how to get started
  • Employee Education - Hosting participant education seminars, virtual meetings, and one-to-one support to teach employees about the benefits of saving for retirement and available plan resources
  • Participant Communications – Sharing best practices and ideas that inform participants towards saving strategies, budgeting basics, account diversification, investment information, and other ways that strive to improve retirement outcomes.
  • ERISA Consulting – Helping plan sponsors meet their fiduciary obligations and address the complex issues related to their plans.

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<b>Acting as Investment Fiduciaries&#160;</b>

Acting as Investment Fiduciaries 

At Retirement CFO, we are investment fiduciaries. We follow a prudent and documented investment process. By regularly speaking with our clients, we help manage the risk of retirement plan surprises.



Help your clients keep up with their financial needs while avoiding common (and expensive) rollover mistakes. Here, we share information that can help save thousands in taxes and fees, tips for speeding up retirement preparations, and critical mistakes to avoid.

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The nation's largest independent broker-dealer*, support clients with the tools, technology and resources needed to help your clients succeed.

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Global Retirement Partners

GRP brings together experienced retirement plan advisors to help plan sponsors manage their obligations and help plan participants work toward their dreams.

LPL Financial and GRP are separate entities.

Retirement Plan Advisory Group

The RPAG platform supports specialist advisors by helping to create successful retirement plan outcomes by protecting plan fiduciaries and engaging plan participants to reach their retirement income potential.

<strong>Access to Much, Much More</strong>

Access to Much, Much More

Retirement CFO clients have access to exclusive retirement plan monitoring tools, resources, and financial wellness programs.

With our memberships, clients can objectively benchmark different recordkeepers to find the suitable choice. They can evaluate different investment options such as individual mutual funds, CITs, index funds, active managers, separate accounts, stable value funds, and more.

These tools help to research, find, and narrow the universe of investment possibilities. Additionally, by viewing hypothetical outcome scenarios, we can educate our clients about bold plan design options, so they can make informed plan decisions.

Our partnerships allow us to offer compelling financial wellness programs, through Questis and Wellcents. Two leading companies that are changing the landscape of financial education. 

LPL Financial and Retirement CFO are not affiliated with Questis or Wellcents.

At Retirement CFO, we are driven by integrity, trust, and professionalism, 
we are committed to furthering your success.

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