What is Hire a Veteran Day? And Why Is it Important?

What is Hire a Veteran Day? And Why Is it Important?

July 22, 2021

The month of July has always held special meaning to veterans. The month is marked by the Independence Day of the country, so it seems fitting that it would be a good month to honor veterans who ensure the freedom of its citizens.[1] So, on July 25th, veterans will be honored again by the country's support of National Hire a Veteran Day.[2]

How the Day Received Its Start

National Hire a Veteran Day is a relatively new day of observance, with the first day being July 25th of 2017. Marine Corps veteran Dan Caporale founded the day as a way to draw attention to the need for employment for veterans as 200,000 leave the service each year looking for work. He founded the day hoping to draw the attention of businesses who are hiring and as a call to action to veterans looking for work.[3]

Why Is Having a Day so Important

Each day hundreds of military personnel leave the military world for civilian life and find a hard time competing for jobs. While many have the skills, education, and experience to tackle different positions, they miss out on opportunities that others may have, such as being hired from an internship or being promoted from within the company.

How to Encourage Employers to Hire Veterans

Federal agencies, such as the Department of Labor and Department of Veterans Affairs, help raise awareness of the benefits a veteran may bring to employers through days like National Hire a Veteran Day. These and other agencies will use this day to encourage different employers across a range of industries to consider filling their open positions with veterans. They also use their various forums to promote veterans' skills that may not be easily put on a resume, such as teamwork, dedication, and pride in their work.[4]

Encouraging Veterans to Apply

The day is not only about encouraging employers to fill positions but also for veterans to apply. The day brings a new awareness to struggles some veterans may have when returning to civilian life. The hope is that this may better encourage veterans to take the first step and apply, even if they have not succeeded in the past.

National Hire a Veteran Day is about taking that first step for veterans and employers to aid service members returning to the civilian workforce.







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