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Your Personal Financial Website

With all the demands on our time and attention, organizing personal and family financial information is becoming increasingly difficult. The uncertainty of the markets, increasing costs and other conditions may have created doubts as to whether we have everything covered.

Recently, I implemented a technology system in my practice to help clients organize their finances and other important family information in one place.

This sophisticated software, Personal Financial View, consolidates your information, updates your accounts nightly, and presents it clearly to you on your own secure, personal Web page. This gives you a reliable, up-to-date financial reference point accessible at any time day or night. So, no matter where you are, we can both quickly get the data we need to help you make a decision. You will always know where you stand with up-to-date reports such as balance sheets and your statement of net worth.

In addition to your financial information, the system's secure online Vault allows you to store and organize your important legal, financial and family documents. As long as you can get to a computer, you can retrieve your important documents. This feature has proven to be invaluable to many clients.

And since Personal Financial View is a web-based system, with your approval the other members of your professional team can have secure access to your information, allowing for a greater degree of collaboration among us on your behalf. All of your information is password protected in a secure, encrypted, personal web address accessible only to you and your designated financial team.

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