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Stephen Cunha serves as the lead financial adviser for the SELECT 401(K) and SELECT 403(B) PLANS to help employers focus on protecting and enhancing their employee culture, rather than getting burdened by plan oversight, administration, and the increasing risk of civil litigation and government audits. This next-generation retirement plan model allows employers to focus on what they do best: running their business.


Cost Savings:

We make it easy to offer a high-quality retirement program to any size employer. By collectively participating, adopting employers are able to leverage their combined plan assets to improve purchasing power and gain access to institutional quality features in a more cost-effective manner than single employer plans may access on their own.

Less Risk:

We offer the ability to outsource responsibility for most of the fiduciary liability that comes with managing a retirement plan. The roles of plan fiduciary, trustee, plan administrator and investment manager are outsourced to the professionals who manage the plan for you. Your name is removed from the form 5500 and plan document and virtually all legal liability is transferred to an institutional fiduciary; experts in the governance and oversight of retirement plans.

Less Administrative Work:

As a retirement plan sponsor, you have over 50 administrative tasks that you are responsible for. Surveys show that these tasks required over 100 administrative staff-hours per year to perform. The SELECT RETIREMENT PLAN reduces administrative responsibilities down to a few tasks. This translates into less time spent managing a retirement program, allowing more time to focus on your business.

Professional Investment Management:

Under the Program, investment management is outsourced to a team of professional investment advisers. The plan also delivers access to low cost, institutional-quality investment share classes that are often not available to retail investors. 

Fee Flexibility:

We offer full fee transparency and you determine how you want to pay for plan services; fee for service, deducted from plan assets or a combination.

Focus On What Matters Most:

By outsourcing so many of the responsibilities of plan management, we enable plan sponsors like you to focus on the aspects of your plan with the greatest meaning: helping your employees successfully prepare for retirement.

Meet Our Recordkeeping Partner: Pentegra Retirement Services.

After a significant vetting process, we have selected Pentegra Retirement Services to be our back office partner providing fiduciary, recordkeeping and administrative services for our clients. Pentegra was founded as a multiple employer plan and trust by the Federal Home Loan Bank System in 1943. As one of the largest and most experienced MEP (Multiple Employer Plan) providers in the nation, MEPs are the foundation of their business. They’ve specialized in MEP  solutions, having sponsored two of the largest MEPs in the United States for over 70 years.

Employer Work Load Before Adopting a SELECT RETIREMENT PLAN

  • Overall operational compliance
  • Document compliance, mandatory interim
    amendments, restatements
  • Form 5500 review and filing
  • Audit preparation
  • New hire processing
  • ERISA bond
  • ACA (automatic enrollment administration)
  • ACI (automatic contribution increases admin)
  • Default investment administration
  • Determination of vesting and amount of
  • ERISA section 105 employee benefit
  • Benchmarking reasonableness of fees
  • Prudent selection and monitoring of service
  • Benefit determinations and disputes
  • Administration of beneficiary rules
  • Worker classification
  • Non-discrimination testing
  • Summary Annual Report (SAR)
  • Definition of compensation
  • Allocation of unallocated monies by plan
  • IRC section 72(p) loan administration
  • Contribution calculations and limitations
  • Protected benefits
  • Acceptance or rejection of rollovers, transfers and hardships
  • Annual notices distribution
  • Investment change paperwork and notices
  • Coverage testing and corrections
  • Segregation of assets by source
  • Involuntary distributions
  • Episodic notices
  • Distributions
  • Hardship distributions
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
  • Lost/missing participants and unclaimed
  • Grandfathered plan provisions
  • Plan termination and partial termination
  • Spousal consents
  • QJSA and QPSA
  • Summary Plan Descriptions and
    Summaries of Material Modifications
    (SPD and SMM)
  • Timely remission of deferrals and loan
  • Timeliness of other required contributions
  • Diversification requirements for plans with
    employer securities
  • Blackout procedures
  • Defined benefit plan duties
  • Participant fee disclosure (404a-5)
  • Fiduciary fee disclosure (408b-2)
  • Records retention under ERISA Sections
    107 and 209
  • Responding to participant inquiries
  • Top-heavy minimum benefit
  • Overpayments
  • Personal liability under ERISA 409

Employer Work Load After Adopting a SELECT RETIREMENT PLAN:

  • Timely remission of employee deferrals, loan repayments and employer contributions (can be outsourced to a payroll provider).
  • Annual adviser meeting to review plan goals for your company.
  • Schedule employee education meetings conducted by your plan adviser.